The Random Things 'Bout Me!!!


I'm weird and crazy all the time.

I luv white so so much.

I'm a chocolate cake, bailey's cheesecake and vampires lover.

Sometimes a brain box sometimes in bad tempure.

Luv music with all my heart.

Play the guitar (a beginner).

Girly girl.


Luv cute wee babies.

Luv babysittin' (but I don't get paid)

Wanna be a famous makeup artist.

Luv her beffers (as beffers only).

Luv takin' photos.

Wanna go to univertsity and graduate.

Wanna be rich and own a mansion or maybe a palace.

I'm a small town girl with huge dreams.

Luv goin' shoppin' (especially goin' to Claires and Easons)

Luv goin' hypernetic (means I like goin' hyper and I don't want to stop)

Hate people annoyin' me (that goes for my brother ruinnin' my good mood all the time)

Luv doin' my friends makeup.

LOL- ing all the time (especially with my beffers)

Luv messin' around.